Electric car service in Turku:

It is clear, that the market of electric vehicles will increase soon. These cars need care, maintenance and sometimes even repair. The number of companies offering their services is also growing. We are one of the oldest companies in Turku, which offers services to owners of electric vehicles.

Our workshop is a good place to service and repair your electric car.

Experienced craftsmen, the latest equipment, and a convenient location — we have everything you need to care for your electric car

Why we recommend our workshop:

Service stations for ordinary cars are generally unable to cope with the demands of the care and maintenance of an electric vehicle. We have focused on electric cars since the establishment of our workshop.

We not only repair electric cars, but we are also avid fans of this eco-friendly transport. And we use them every day in everyday life. This allows us to know firsthand (not heard) the problems that may arise in an electric car. This allows us to diagnose and troubleshoot more accurately and correctly.

We have been operating in the care, maintenance, diagnostics and repair of electric vehicles since 2018. We are truly one of the pioneers in the care of electric vehicles. You can contact us not only for Tesla but also for service of other brands of cars, Americans, Europeans and Asians.

Despite cooperating with electric vehicle suppliers in Finland, we are an independent company that allows us to offer lower prices for repairs and maintenance than official dealers.

The use of licensed diagnostic programs, personal experience in the use of electric vehicles, the professionalism of our workshop and the most modern equipment – all this is a guarantee that our workshop will cope with the task.

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